We do small, in a big way.

Giant Cranberry does not like to work with large companies. Larger companies move too slowly to respond to the opportunities we uncover.*

The truth is we love helping small (5-20 employees) and medium-sized (20-50 employees and under $100 million in revenue) businesses accelerate their growth.

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* If you are a Fortune 500 company we will happily refer you to someone in our network. We have lots of friends who like working with larger organizations.

We Choose Our Clients Carefully

We cannot help everyone. To be successful we need clients who are ready to take bold steps to accelerate their business.

Are you the decision maker? Our processes require the ability to move quickly and if required, independently. This means we only work directly with principles or employees who are empowered to make decisions quickly. We seldom work with mid-level marketing managers.

Are you on track? We must believe you can be successful. Our strategy works best with companies that are innovative and have forward momentum. Do you have momentum? Let’s have a candid conversation to understand your business and uncover opportunities.

Are you willing to play? A very high-touch and hands on approach means limited seating. There is a limit to the number of clients we work with at any given time.

We Become Your Online Marketing & PR Team

When you engage Team Cranberry you work directly with a dedicated project manager who will assume the role of your Marketing and Communications Director. We take time to learn your business and monitor your online presence to uncover opportunities.